Talents from the Caribbean

to Patagonia

Barbara De La Cruz

CEO, Founder

Daniel J. Campos

Designer, Founder

Elisabeth Celoi

Dev, Founder



“Whaaat?” An expression used by english speakers to express a surprise. Here is the objective sought by our studio… Surprise by our creations!

Whaaat? It is above all a human size studio with a young and agile team, expert in the design of digital products. With over 10 years of experience, we prioritize quality over quantity. Thus we treat each project internally according to the needs and ambitions of our customers from start to finish.

The Process

We create useful products well thought out for users. The goal is to federate a community. In fact, you are involved at every stage of your project, according to the Agile methodology in order to make it a satisfactory success. The customer experience is at the heart of our concerns, which is why we support you in the process of creating an attractive and market-oriented product.